Following link for check lenses material choice

Q:I just received my package! Great item and service! Could you please tell me if the sunglasses are polorized??

A:The sunglasses you ordered is made with glass VFX polarized lens with anti-reflect coated. You can check whether it is polarized or not, by using this simple method. Look at a LCD computer monitor through your sunglasses, and rotate them. If you can see the monitor changing color it shows that the sunglasses are polarized. 

Q:Hi there, can you confirm the following sunglasses are in stock and ready to ship:Oliver Peoples "Corsair"

A:Everything on our site is available in stock and ready to ship. Due to this fact, the Oliver Peoples "Corsair" can be sold in the color shown on the picture.

Q:Is this style under warranty from IC Berlin as I understand it has been discontinued.

A:Answer is may or maybe not.Usually the IC Berlin frames are not break like conventional frames.If company still available parts, It will cover warranty. Also, lenses and such as temple tips or nose pads like consumable items are not cover warranty.But we do able to change nose pads and temple tips at minimum charges, also we can make lens.

Q:I you e-mail my prescription.Can you order for me.

A:Yes we order for you. But there is no P.D. on it. If you do not know your P.D. just take a simple picture like the one below with a dollar-bill against the side of your eye.Then we will be able to measure your  P.D. accurately.